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Object description
Project ID: E-353   New!
Place: Cabarete center
Title: Restaurant at the beach entrance
Lot: Price:
0 m2
0 sqft
0.00 acres
50,000 USD
Project ID: E-287
Place: Cabarete
Title: German Restaurant
Lot: Price:
1,000 m2
10,764 sqft
0.25 acres
85,000 USD
Project ID: E-324
Place: close to Puerto Plata
Title: Restaurant at the river
Lot: Price:
630 m2
6,781 sqft
0.16 acres
96,000 USD
Project ID: E-345
Place: Cabarete
Title: Bungalow complex
Lot: Price:
1,000 m2
10,764 sqft
0.25 acres
145,000 USD
Project ID: E-340
Place: Sabaneta
Title: Commercial building-good price
Lot: Price:
600 m2
6,458 sqft
0.15 acres
180,000 USD
Project ID: E-332
Place: Sosua
Title: Established Restaurant
Lot: Price:
1,520 m2
16,361 sqft
0.38 acres
only valid until:
(349,000 USD)
199,000 USD
Project ID: E-350
Place: Sosua
Title: Villa close to beach with 2 guest houses
Lot: Price:
1,380 m2
14,854 sqft
0.34 acres
285,000 USD
Project ID: E-282
Place: Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Lot: Price:
350 m2
3,767 sqft
0.09 acres
309,000 USD
Project ID: H-201
Place: Los Ciruelos / Sosua
Title: Small Hotel close to the Airport
Lot: Price:
432 m2
4,650 sqft
0.11 acres
310,000 USD
Project ID: E-263   Special!
Place: Cabarete
Title: House with apartments and shops near the beach
Lot: Price:
820 m2
8,826 sqft
0.20 acres
only valid until:
(450,000 USD)
325,000 USD
Total shown: 10

Property overview
Listing ID: H- E -
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