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Object description
Project ID: A-493
Place: Caribe Campo Club
Title: Excellent studio deal
Area: Price:
32 m2
344 sqft
0.01 acres
29,500 USD
Project ID: A-499
Place: Sosua
Title: Apartments in Sosua
Area: Price:
45 m2
484 sqft
0.01 acres
39,900 USD
Project ID: A-489
Place: Caribe Campo Club, Sosua
Title: Excellent deal on a 1 bedroom apartment in a quiet corner of Sosua
Area: Price:
68 m2
732 sqft
0.02 acres
49,500 USD
Project ID: A-434   Special!
Place: Sos˙a, Dominican Republic
Title: Luxury apartment in a modern style
Area: Price:
81 m2
872 sqft
0.02 acres
54,000 USD
Project ID: A-473
Place: outside Sosua
Title: 1-2 BDR Apartments starting from 54900$ with financing
Area: Price:
57 m2
614 sqft
0.01 acres
54,900 USD
Project ID: A-488   Special!
Place: Cabarete center
Title: Studio in the center of Cabarete
Area: Price:
40 m2
431 sqft
0.01 acres
only valid until:
(69,000 USD)
54,900 USD
Project ID: A-485
Place: Sosua
Title: A spacious ground floor apartment in this well maintained condominium.
Area: Price:
93 m2
1,001 sqft
0.02 acres
69,900 USD
Project ID: A-376
Place: Sosua
Title: 1 bedroom renovated apartment
Area: Price:
60 m2
646 sqft
0.01 acres
70,000 USD
Project ID: A-150
Place: Sosua
Title: Apartment 1 Bedr.
Area: Starting at:
59 m2
635 sqft
0.01 acres
70,200 USD
Project ID: A-464
Place: Cabarete
Title: 1 BDR apartment in residential area close to the beach
Area: Price:
80 m2
861 sqft
0.02 acres
76,000 USD
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Property overview
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