Aleksandar Berta
From Serbia
Studied geography in Serbia, before I decided to move to Germany for a good working opportunity.
Finally I decided to get away from the stress, and cold temperatures in Europe,
and come to live on this beautiful Caribbean island.

Sales and property management. More than 2 years experience working for Palm Hills

English, Spanish, German, Serbian, Russian and with good understanding in other eastern European


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Sergio Scacchi
- Completed his high school years in an International school in Sosua, and completing in business administration with University of Phoenix USA.
- More than 5 year working experience for Palmhills in property managment and sales.
- Speaks and writes fluently German, English, and Spanish.

sales, farmland, apartments


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Christian Vogt
from Germany
Licensed industrial managment assistant by FORD Auto Motor Factory Cologne (Koeln) + IHK Cologne (Koeln)
Studied Economics at FWA Cologne (Koeln)
Worked for AUFINA Real Estate in Cologne (Koeln)
Has lived in the Dominican Republic for 17 years.
Experience in local real estate market, construction of homesites

Speaks and writes fluently German, English, Spanish and some French.

Consultant of purchasing properties in the DR Construction, Rentals & Property Managment

Motorbike tours, interesting in politics, music, movies and books


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Simon Hall
from England
Simon is from London where he developed a successful computer company that supported and developed small business accountancy software platforms.
Simon moved to the Dominican Republic in 2004.

When he moved to Sosua Simon decided to pursue a completely different career path and so he started working in real estate, originally as a sales assistant back in 2005.

A unique knowledge of all types of property in the Sosua area.

Enjoys a glass of beer at the weekend watching football with local friends and Expats. Every day Simon promises himself that he will take up kite-boarding tomorrow.


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Petra Bahr
Born in Germany, Petra Bahr lives in the Dominican Republic.
After an educational training and many years of professional experience in various cities she has come to the Caribbean island of Hispaniola in the Dominican Republic. She lives for over 20 years with her husband on the island. They operate successfully with the government reforestation projects and create new resources on fine wood market.
Their many years of experience in the country and the many trips they have well trained in real estate business and she acquired theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of sales, organization and administration. For 10 years, she works intensively with the global changes and has to make an informed judgment elaborated.
Your quest is to present properties and projects, "combined with long-term secured return Sustainable Investment," signify a.
She speaks German perfectly, in English she is qualified in speech and writing. They perfected their Spanish in a language school and everyday life.


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