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The Caribbean island Hispaniola, which belongs to the Great Antilles, is divided into the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Two thirds of the area are the Dominican Republic (48.734 km2, 8 million habitants ).

In the north The island verges the Atlantic ocean and in the south it borders the Caribbean. Eighty percent of the island is mountainous with hills up to 3000 m. The highest mountain reaches 3.175 m its Pico Duarte.

Columbus discovered the island in 1492, looking for a seaway to India.

The settling of the vice king of Spain made the island the center of the Spanish culture in America.

In 1697 the island was shared between the french colony and the Spanish colony of Santo Domingo. Since 1844 the Dominican Republic is independent.



Cabarete.Dominican Republic   The Caribbean Eldorado for wind surfers. The predominant Trade winds (side shore, from 4 to 6 Beaufort) and reef waves up to 5 meters ) 800 meters out of the bay) increasers the heartbeat of all surfers. The village is 10 km from Sosua. The several kilometers covering beach invites to a ride on horseback. Cabarete offers a lot of Restaurants and Bars.

Days with wind over 4 Beaufort

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
18 20 20 21 17 20 22 22 19 18 15 16


Sosua.Dominican Republic   

The village is east of the International Airport 15 km and 25 of Puerto Plata, it was founded in 1938 by 500 Jewish settlers. Sosua is known over the island for its milk and meat products.

The village character is shaped by international Restaurants, coffee shops, also Several international schools, German butchers and bakers are to be found. German and English newspapers and broadcasting is available. The old part of Sosua called the Charamicos, where the original life of the Dominicans takes place, one can enjoy here the hot music like merengue, bachata and salsa.

Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata.Dominican Republic    When in 1492 Columbus, full of admiration discovered the beautiful silver glowing sea at the north coast, he baptized the place Puerto Plata (silver harbor). West of the town is the remainder of a fort built in 1540 Fort San Felipe. Majestically rises the mountain of Isabel de Torres up to 800m. The sugarcane imported by Columbus in 1493 was planted first time on the island in Puerto Plata. Nowadays we have wonderful Hotel resorts and an eighteen hole golf course, the Robert Trent Jones course.


Santiago.Dominican Republic   

This capital of the Cibao valley is 80 km from Sosua heading towards the center of the island. Traveling there, you cross two chains of mountains. In the main street shops and supermarkets you can find all you need for living.

Santiago de los Caballeros, so the full name is the second capital of the Dominican Republic.

Bartolome Colon founded the town in 1504 at the site of the Jaragua village.

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo.Dominican Republic    The capital at the south coast with 2,5 mil. inhabitants, was constructed at the end of 15th century by Bartolome Colon, brother of Christopher Columbus. The city with numerous historical buildings has a pulsating city life. Worth seeing are the aquarium, the archducal cathedral, first in America, called Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Encarnacion, the Columbus Park, the colonial quarter and much more. Easy to reach are the beaches of La Romana, Boca Chica, Barhona and Saona.

Form of Government

The Dominican Republic has a very similar form of government as the USA, composed of two big parties. Elections take place every four years (the former president Balguer, had been elected 7 times) The new president is Dr. Leonel Fernandez (PLD). He took over 16th of August 2004 for four years. Specially the middle class hopes for a positive development in the Dominican Republic under his government.

Website of Dominican Republic Government

The country is under protection of the USA, who in the course of Dominican history intervened twice.


Monetary unit is the Dominican Peso (100 cents). Import and export of pesos is not allowed. Foreign currencies can be imported without limit. And credit card used are VISA, Eurocard, Mastercard and American Express.

Current exchange rate from Central Bank: USD to DOP (Dominican Pesos)

Traffic and private transportation

The traffic is right hand. The traffic network connects the main cities, supplemented by air traffic. Taxis are called publicos and you share with other travelers. In the cities you have buses, mostly crowded. Taxis can be flagged everywhere, the average fare is min. 30 US$ per day. Insurance included mileage unlimited.



Public means of transport as the guagua (mini bus) and carrito ( the ones you share with other travelers) charge 15 pesos. Range between 30 to 50 km. Same price goes for motoconcho (motorbikes) used preferably for one to three km. (At night or Holiday the double price applies)

Tip! - Never ask for the fare, have the exact amount ready. If you look a tourist unaware of local prices you might be charged with several times the more.

Caribe Tours goes several times a day with luxury buses) TV, Toilet, Air condition, drinks served) to Santiago, Santo Domingo and other cities. The fare to Santo Domingo is 250 RD $.


covering medicine doctors, medicines, hospital charges in the Dominican republic are to be policed in the country. The monthly charge for a family, 2 children - is about 1500 RD $ (50 USD)

Medical doctors dentists clinics

An outstanding amount of high qualified medical doctors available day and night. In Sosua you find several dentists, there is also a German and English speaking doctor. With three clinics, Sosua covers the requirements. For medical services you pay cash immediately.

Cost of living

Market    Following prices are just for orientation, average prices of several leading supermarkets.

Article Weight USD Article Weight USD
European Bread 500 gr 3.00   Marlboro Cigarettes 1 Packet 2.60
National Bread 500 gr 0.40   National Cigarettes 1 Packet 2.00
Butter 500 gr 3.00   Levis Jeans 1 50.00
Milk 1 Liter 1.20   No Name Jeans 1 15.00
Eggs 12 3.00        
Cheese domestic 500 gr 3.00   Satellite-receiver 1 2,000.00
Cheese imported 500 gr 6.00        
Sugar 1 kg 1.50   Gas Normal 1 Gallon 4.50
Coffee 500 gr 2.50   Gas Super 1 Gallon 4.50
Flour 1 kg 2.60   Diesel 1 Gallon 4.50
Rice 1 kg 1.00        
Sirloin 1 kg 9.50   Phone Call to Switzerland / Germany 1 Min. 0.90
Pork fillet 1 kg 6.60        
Ham 1 kg 8.00        
Poultry 1 kg 2.70   Foundation of Company   1,500.00
Salami 1 kg 12.00        
Potatoes 1 kg 1.30        
Tomatoes 1 kg 2.00   Residency / Visa for 3 years 1 Per. ca. 2,000.00
Onions 1 kg 2.00        
Pineapple 1 unit 0.70        
Spaghetti 1 kg 2.00        
Olive oil 1 Liter 15.00        
Oil 1 Liter 2.00        
Drinking water 3,7 Liter 1.00        
Rum national 0,7 Liter 2.80        
Beer 0,3 Liter 1.00        
table wine 0,7 Liter 6.10        
Coke 1 Liter 0.80        



Actually there are 15 golf courses on the island, some more are planned or being processed.

Homepage Golf Guide for Dominican Republic.

   Santo Domingo.Dominican Republic

Place Where Description Whole Status
Playa Dorada Golf Course close to Puerto Plata Par 72, flat but demanding champion course By Robert Trent Jones 18 semi private
Camp. de Golf los Mangitos Costambar, P.Plata trainings course private
Sosua Mini Golf Sosua small course 10 public
Sto. Domingo Country Club Sto. Domingo Par 72, 6003 m, good taken care of green, lagoon, surprising doglegs 18 private
San Andres Country Club 30km from Sto. Domingo Par 36, 3.363 m, easy, nice site  9 semi private
Cayacoa Golf City 10km from Sto. Domingo Par 72, 3202 m, rural ambiance, many water obstacles By Pete Dye 9 semi private
La Romana Country Club La Romana, Casa de Campo Par 72, 6.575 m, Millionairs Club, best taken care of Course, carpet fairways, only for VIPs, no weekends 18 private
The Links La Romana, Casa de Campo Par 72, demanding Links Course, by Pete Dye 2 big lakes, several monster bunkers, hardly readable green  18 public
Teeth of the Dog La Romana, Casa de Campo Par 72, 6.298 m, I built eleven holes, God seven,- said Pete Dye referring to his masterpiece. US-Golf Magazine - score 27 of Top 100. 18 public
Juan Dolio Golf Center Juan Dolio 200 yards training course   public
Costa Azul Golf club near Cabarete Trainings course 9 public
Bavaro Golf Club Higuey Par 71, 6.136 m, the most difficult and most beautiful Course on the island, many natural obstacles 18 semi private
Bonao Golf Club Sto. Domingo Par 72, 1241 m, hilly, tropic vegetation, short run up, by Robert Trent Jones  9 private
Las Aromas, Country Club Santiago Par 72, 5.487 m, cunning doglegs, natural obstacles Breathtaking panoramic sight 18 semi private
Lomo de Chivo, Country Club Samana Par 72, 634 m, cosy tropical garden, hilly, one of the Country Club shortest Courses in the world  9 public
Playa Grande close to Rio San Juan Par 72, 5410 m, on rock coast with fantastic ocean view, by Robert Trent Jones 18 public

Deep sea fishing

Bases for diving are to be found in following sites Bavaro Beach, Bayahibe, Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, La Romana and Punta Cana south of the island. Puerto Plata, Sosua, Luperon, El Portillo, Las Terrenas and Samana north of island. Instructions are according to PADI or DIWA rules and regulations. Diving excursions by boat are 35 US $ to 45 US $ per capita.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving    Bases for diving are to be found in following sites Bavaro Beach, Bayahibe, Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, La Romana and Punta Cana south of the island. Puerto Plata, Sosua, Luperon, El Portillo, Las Terrenas and Samana north of island. Instructions are according to PADI or DIWA rules and regulations. Diving excursions by boat are 35 US $ to 45 US $ per capita.


Windsurfing    Cabarete, 10 km east of Sosua is the Eldorado of the wind surfers. Annually there are international competitions and regattas. More than 10 surfing schools offer their services equipped with first class material.

Horseback riding

Nearly everywhere you have the possibility to hire a good horse. Most of the bigger Hotels offer excursions on horseback. At the Perla Antillana hippodrome in Santo Domingo you can enjoy the excitement of horse racing on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Saturdays.


Many Hotels provide bicycles for their guests. In Cabarete there are organized cross tours to the hills nearby. The Happy Surf club in Cabarete is equipped with first class material for the cross tours.


Jarabacoa has become the center of mountain tourism in the central cordillera. In these mountains are the most beautiful trails to be found, leading you up through pine forests along little rivers and waterfalls. Mountaineering is possible up to the 3000 meter tops of the hills. A guide is advisable.

More info at DR Pure - Eco and Adventure Tourism

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